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Title: DrTank's Suggestion
Post by: hiren03 on January 20, 2019, 02:56:58 PM

First of all thank you for releasing the game for testing phase and giving me the opportunity to test it and play it.

My overall experience with the test gameplay was amazing, major mechanics worked 8/10 and with little more improvements i think it will be 09/10.

Some of the things i encountered problems on are the docking bays, some docking bay require that perfect placement to get the doors to full close
Some docking bays did not function and this due to the rendering of the base itself.

E.G. The garage station had the moon surface inside the bay so it made it useless and some other bays had similar issues, this was the procedural placement? i believe.

Driving was 9/10 imo as i did not struggle to keep the rover in control
Weapons system was 8/10 but refer to suggestion of mine
Vehicle mechanics and modules 8/10
Base mechanics 8/10 i know some were locked but not a problem
Map is HUGEEEEE and North to south works as well as East to West works so that was awesome when you reach one end it takes you to the other side and vice versa.

Suggestion i believe can be awesome implementation within the games

- Weapon selection menu using (Middle mouse button/1,2,3 etc)
-Service stations to spread across the map (These can be on their own or side with faction etc)
- Drone system (Drones such as Medic, Engineering, Tech and Military)
- Vehicle customizations (Tyre types, Thread Types, Exhaust pipe flame colour/Thruster colours/Headlight colours and overall painjobs etc)
- BUS NPC (If we blow these up can we get loots? parts? to sell but this can impact the loyalty of certain faction as mentioned by JaggedCarnelian
- Racing mode for multiplayer?
- Arena?
- Relics? to hack into using certain modules such as Computer module that can be used to hack into relic site to unlock "items"
- off-limit areas that has stations which are abandoned or controlled by A.I that can either attack you or be friendly to provide certain uncommon to rare modules? Also the off-limit area can cause radiation damage slowly but if you have shield you can prolong the time spent in the area.
- Buy back options for things you sell from you cargo, if you exit the station and come back it should still have it to buy it back at different price
- Mining from meteors that can crash at certain time of the game play so the players can go find them and get minerals to be sold.

That is all for now

Thank you
Title: Re: DrTank's Suggestion
Post by: theonesandaledman on January 20, 2019, 11:47:34 PM
Thanks for the feedback, hang on and we will get back to you.